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  • will.i.am

    A fucking stupid nickname for someone called william
  • reddit 50/50

    The thing that will fuck you up so badly you will never watch youtube, porn or hentai ever again.
  • keris

    The most beautiful girl you will ever meet, if u ever find a keris never let her go she is the most kind and sexy person you will see and always a good kisser ;)
  • Ava

    The most fun loving person you will ever meet.even if there are some difficulties in your relationship everything will be okay. she is stunningly beautiful,even if she is sad she has a way of lighting up the room and making everything better. if you find an ava never let go.
  • shall

    A word which, like whom, has come to be thought of as overly formal and stuffy in american speech. in current use, it indicates a very strong intention or will to do something.

    traditionally, shall is used as an auxilliary to form the future tense for the first person: ("i" and "we")

    i shall go
    you will go
    he/she/it will go
    we shall go
    they will go

    negative: shall not, contracted as shan't.
  • bump and grind

    You will often see this at highschool dances, night clubs, and gay bars. the bumb and grind is basically a sexual tease if you see it up close or a far it looks like ur having sex with clothes on. in other words its a dance where two or more people dry hump eachother.
  • advance

    Promotion or preview copy of an cd,album. mostly all the cd's leaked over the net are advances, which are sometimes incomplete. which is fucking annoying since nobody will get off their ass to rip the retail. buy the cd anyways.
  • reproduction

    1. when two beings come together to make a smaller, louder, and more annoying being that will eventually grow up to do the same thing -perpetuating a disgusting and neverending cycle of filth.
    2. something ugly people should never find out about.
  • heffers

    Its when a person says he will never do something, and when none of his boys are around he does it.
  • their own name

    What people will search on urban dictionary, while disagreeing with any negative definition. some people will also write definitions for their own name.