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  • Vajayjay

    Slang - vagina, origin unknown, used on grey's anatomy
  • Whispering Eye

    Slang for vagina. aka whisper eye
  • Vajj

    1.vajj a term derived from the john jay hs vagina scandal, followed by the need to say vagina by shorted to vajj
  • cooter

    1. the passage leading from the opening of the vulva to the cervix of the uterus in female mammals.
    2. a similar part in some invertebrates.
    synonyms - see vagina, poon, cunt, twat, pussy, etc
  • bagina

    A "bad vagina". it consists of amazon furs, swamp slops, grizzly teeth, granny sags. there is such a thing as a bad vagina.
  • pink taco

    A vagina. also see snatch , cunt , pussy , happy fun hole of mystery , goonyah , poonanny , twat , butter churn
  • Ham Wallet

    A women's vagina. first heard from the bloodhound gang's recent single, foxtrot uniform charlie kilo (f*ck).
  • pussy

  • chocha

    Definition = the vagina and immediately surrounding areas, especially where hair used to be before it became popular to shave this region.

    conceptual english equivalent = pussy, cunt.
  • Vagine

    Another word for vagina only funnier.