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  • chiefly

  • i love her

    Usually when a guy or girl loves a girl, they say: "i love her."
  • Browsing

    Browsing or searching the internet usually relates to normal interests, such as school work, tv shows, movies, art, books, or music.
  • burping

    A form of singing usually among fat guys. usually classified under "opera"
  • separation

    The breath-taking event that occurs on the chest of a woman when wearing a tightened seatbelt. usually enhanced by a tight-fitting shirt and large breasts.
  • amazed

    Feeling amazed is a (usually) pleasant mind blowing shock where the brain cannot deal with what just happened and you stand there trying to absorb it all.
  • some people

    Usually if someone is doing something to annoy you or make you upset, so you could say some people.
  • one cheek bench sneak

    The easing out of flatulency gently, usually when sitting down, so as not to attract undue attention.
  • platforms

    Extremly high heels usually worn by strippers and porn stars. possibly the sexiest invention ever.
  • erected

    A word said by teachers that makes little boys, usually in 2nd or 3rd grade, break into hysterical fits of laughter, because it ryhmes with erection. what also makes them crack up is, penis, balls, sperm and others sexual things.