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  • butterface

    Body's fly, can't deny, everything looks good but her face, yeah this bitch is really ugly. she must have hit every branch when she fell out the ugly tree. in other words, she's got a face fit for radio.
  • f'ugly

    F***ing ugly. so ugly that "ugly" won't describe.
  • bugly

    Between ugly and fugly. (butt ugly)
  • minger

    A) an extremely ugly person
    b) a motorcycle wheelie
  • butt ugly

    Very ugly
    (from butt=very)
  • double-bagger

    A very ugly person (from the notion that one would need two bags to cover up the ugliness, one to go over the subject's head and another to go over one's own head see also triple-bagger)
  • munter

    Proper ugly bint, too ugly to even do the normal way. uk slang.
  • heinous

    Ugly, yucky, and smelly.

    a brutal funny looking thing
  • Ugly Stick

    A very ugly looking dick
  • Uggo

    A very ugly doggo. uggo is combined from the words ugly and doggo. an uggo can range from advice dog to hairless dogs.