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  • soooo

    Identical to the english word "so", except with extra o's added for extra emphasis. often used when waiting for a response, or when intensifying an adjective.
  • burbs

    Refering to the suburbs.
  • Germanics

    Of or relating to the german people
  • Dela-where?

    N. - a term used by the inhabitants of flemington (see f-town) and readington, in reference to the state of utter seclusion of the town often known as delaware.

    history - delaware is so far from everything that no one knows/cares about it. it was inevitably named d-ware after the ghetto white kids from flemington began to call flemington "f-town", and the delaware kids felt obliged to call their home a slang ghetto term. we like to make fun of that.
  • suffix

    Words connected to the ends of others to give them a new or extended meaning.

    the current suffixes follow this definition.
  • collect

    What one must often do.
    note: "one" never refers to the first party. the user of this verb must be commanding another to do so.
  • jigsaws

    Often used in relation to the size of an individuals testicles.
  • grubs

    One who comes to the olive garden only for the free salad and bread sticks and complains so much that they stop the order; when the bill comes for dinner he will wait till theres change and take out more then he put in; is known to order only water cause of the cost; cheap
  • automotive

    1. literal: motion through an automated process.

    2. an adjective applied to any system featuring automotion.

    3. a novel pejorative applied in response to the derogatory use of "pedestrian" as a negative adjective.
  • Ronalds

    Another word to refer to the beautiful objects we all know as boobs.