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  • down time

    Time when your computer is stuck in a blue screen or won't turn on because m$ windows is a pos.
  • executive time

    Time spent alone in bed, performing unproductive activities like watching television, playing on a cell phone or masturbating.
  • second

    The amout of time it takes an stc to eat gregs out of business.
  • Worthwhile

    Deserving of time spent.
  • 420

    Its the best time to smoke for all pot heads. either the time of day or even april 20th.
  • New York Minute

    1. an undefined amoutnt of time. could be much longer or shorter than a minute because of the dynamics of city life.

    2. timed difficulty mode of max payne
  • Stepdad Bod

    A guy who allowed the passing of time to ravage his once great physique but eventually decided to lay off the beers and do a little bit of lifting to attract cougars like your mom.
  • time

    Turns rock to sand,kills kings, moves moutains,and above all makes chesse yummy!
  • when

    1) question preceeding referring to time.
    2) expressed by classy people as an alternative to 'stop', particularly when involving amounts of drink or food.
  • opooportunity

    When one who has to defecate has an opportunity to relieve themselves after waiting for a period of time.