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  • labia majora

    Noun: (latin)a technical medical term to describe extremely large piss flaps. women are rarely born with this condition. rather, it develops over time as a direct consequence of very frequent vaginal sex - e.g. found in women that have sex 6 times a day. no prizes for guessing that prostitutes and porno stars are the largest group suffering this condition. it can be rectified by plastic surgery.
  • shabu

    A japanese slang term for methamphetamine hydrochloride. shabu, in japanese means "swish", which doesn't make a lot of sense. i assume the word originates from shabu-shabu, which is a japanese dish. shabu-shabu is cooked at the table, and entertaining as everyone cooks their own food
  • supafly

    The term used to describe matthew l.
  • rice-rocket

    Derogatory term for a very fast, usually modified, import car or motorcyle.
  • shorter

    1.affectionate term for a boyfriend, attractive male.

    originated from the crackhead.
  • Latin america

    Term used to describe countries in north, south and central americas where spanish, portuguese and french are spoken as official languages. (nb: don't mix up the terms "latin countries" with "underdevelopment countries", which are completely different in meaning.)
  • jollies

    Term refering to one's pleasure related to a subject.

    see example.
  • Shoppings

    The product amassed from a day out at the shops. a term discovered at fifth avenue and 56th street on a recent summer day amid of gaggle of tourists.
  • Pains

    (the)pains is a term that describes a person experiencing explosive diarrhea. usually very painfull and quite often. occurs mostly after eating spicy food.
  • the days

    A term used to describe a long period of time.