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  • Shweet

    A very expressive word that means the same as sweet just used by people fangirling over something or just really amzed by something...
  • Sweet Ass

    A homosexual male/man. often used by black people.
  • Sweetness

    Word meaning something is sweet, very nice, or awesome. created by taylor not matt.
  • sweet-as

    Pretty much, totally sweet. a new zealand term.
  • keller's

    Butter that can be salted, sweet or whipped but always delicious.
  • Marijana

    A very sweet name, commonly associated with funny and cute girls that are definately not fat. ;)
  • Nices

    (ni•ces) when something is so nice, pretty, or sweet the word "nice" just isn't enough to describe it.

    invented and coined by one of jet fresh flowers' top sales reps, edwin "the dr." commonly used to describe the fresh-cut flowers available at jet fresh flowers.
  • sweet tea

    Southern drink....specially in the area of tennesse...where the hot bitches are...it is known that by drinking this beverage it will give an avarage girl the power of being hot...also gives you an awesome souther accent...but the word can be used as "cool" or "sweet" on any ocation..
  • dank

    A word similar to 'sweet, shibby, cool, hot, amazing, etc etc...'

    often used with the word 'mad' in front of it.
  • savory

    Synonym for sweet for people who watch iron chef too much