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  • shuben

  • stupider

    1. the act of being or becoming more stupid. 2. the word that should be a word, but people are too afraid to make it legit.

    When you and your friends are baked, and someone tries to make a funny joke or say something intelligent that makes no sense, you respond by simply yelling the word stoopid! at them.
  • stupit

    The way italian dads pronounce "stupid."
  • ignoranus

    Adjective; the ability to be both an asshole and stupid at the same time.
  • dumbass

    1)someone who constantly doesn't listen to his family/friends dispite them being right 100% of the time

    2)anyone who gets dumped 3 times a week by 3 different dates every single week

    3)a person who lies about having 4.0 avg in high school yet still works a barely above minimum wage job at a retail store

    4) see craig
  • Stupid Face

    Some one with a dumbfound look on their face. a stupid face.
  • ignorant

    Not knowing the difference between waffles and pancakes
  • stupidity

    Ali ,sagar ,scott , and most of the students at port moody secondary school.
  • stupid idiot

    A term used to degrade someone that has passed the level of retard, dumbass, or idiot.