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  • imply

    To suggest that something is something.
  • good call

    Something the elmville (and only elmville) kids say when someone offers a sarcastic, tasteless comeback in regards to a situation.
  • biblical proportions

    This refers to something which happens on the grandest scale possible on earth. this includes apocalypse, major war etc.
  • sucks to be you

    When someone says something bad that happened, is happening, or is going to happen.
  • modification

    The act of making something different. mainly used to describe a game, made from an origional game, recreation all of the elements. for example, models, maps, code etc.
  • Orgasmic

    Something that brings your great joy.

    something that will leave memorys or you love with a great passion, and you want to do it.

    something you experience and enjoy. something that you want to brag about

    any thing pleasing could be orgasmic

    orgasmic is a verb!!
  • tragic

    Something bad
  • A Life

    Something you should get :)
  • Tyte

    Something exciting, happy, fun, great, good or nice
  • stare

    Something that guys do a lot. can be done if they see someone really hot, or if they see someone fugly and want to laugh at them. at first it's kinda annoying, but then you get used to it. people who stare too much should get their eyes poked out.