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  • wanna

    Short for want to
  • klepto

    Short form of kleptomaniac. someone who obsessively steals small objects for the heck of it.
  • eq

    Short for equalizer. device for amplifying or suppressing specific frequency bands of audio. this device can be part of a stereo tuner or component or may be present in audio playback software such as winamp.
  • San Ho

    1. (abbr) short for san jose
  • redonks

    Short for redonkulus.
  • Sci

    Short for scibbler, meaning :
  • perfs

    Short for "perfect"
  • Fun Sized

    A word to decribe some one whom is cute and below average height.
  • Short

    Someone below average height
  • rep

    Short for repetition. the execution of a single movement of exercise