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  • smexy

    Someone who is not only sexy, but fit, pretty, and perfect in every way.
  • sexy beast

    Guys that are about 5'5 135 kind of muscular that drive 1981 ford f100's with 5.0 liter 302 cobra jets in them and must wear black leather jackets to school
  • sexalicious

    1.) being so sexy that the word "sexy" can not correctly define
    2.) the smell and/or the taste that is present after a hearty round of sex
  • shmexy

    Cool. thats seriously all it means. just cool. it has nothing to do with the word sexy, or smart, or smart and sexy, which some people have guessed it means, but no. just cool.

    note: back in 5th grade, me and my friend alexis made this word up, and therefore have the right to make it mean cool.

    note: in some cases it can mean sexy, but only as a joke, like when talking about an ugly person: "wow, he's super shmexy". but it is never a synonym for the actual word sexy, since it does not mean hot, or hott, or 'bangin', or anything else like that
  • Dem[o]

    A really sexy guy, he attracts ht girls by his smell
  • Hott

    I. one who is:

    a. gorgeous
    b. pretty
    c. beautiful
    d. cute
    e. attractive
    f. sexy
    g. all that

    ii. one who you would:

    a. lick
    b. suck/ blow
    c. nibble
    d. flirt with
    e. have sexual relations with *fuck especially*
    f. want to get with

    iii. one who makes you:

    a. flip
    b. crazy
    c. nutty
    d. pass out
    e. drool
    f. fantasize
    g. (if girl) wet
    h. (if guy) hard
    i. masturbate

    *lana's definition i think << hott ass unis chica!
  • sexpot

    The epitome of everything awesome, badass, sexy, or orgasmic. defining not just people, but inanimate objects as well. it can be used as an adjective or a noun.
  • Sierra

    A sexy, sweet, beautiful, gorgeous, loving girl that is known as the best dancer and a ride or die kind of girl. its impossible not to love her or want her she irresistible! if she gives you the chance too win her heart defiantly keep it and don't ruin it. sierra will put up with a lot but one day will get up and leave out of the blue so watch out. if you are left by a sierra it will be the biggest mistake and you will realize it. sierra's are gorgeous inside and out. they have the best body and a great butt(; sierra has the greatest advice and the most amazing heart. sierra is real and most of the time never fake she knows how to stick up for her self and the people she loves. beware if you don't think she's gorgeous then you'll fall for her personality. if a sierra is hated its over jealousy.
  • Dime Piece

    Someone of any sex who is above normal in physical attraction.

    see also nickel peice
  • Sexy Bitch

    A name often called out in the middle of "getting frisky". generally uttered while boy is in an excieted or frenzied state.