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  • F.U.C.K.

    Once when a mighty knight was honor by the king, the king would give the knight his choice of a maiden. when the knight took his maiden to his room, the king would post a sign on the door "f.u.c.k." which meant "fornicating under consent of king."
  • Making Love

    Something your girlfriend is doing when you're shagging her.
  • Love

    Well, a feeling that people have for each other. but then they die. so it doesnt really matter in the long run.
  • Sexting

    A text message that involves sexual activity, also known as phone sex. can also be a video of nudity emailed or texted. if it is child nudity, it can be illegal
  • Nympho

    A nympho is a person usually a girl who loves to have sex.a girl with the sex drive if not more than a guy does. a crazy girl in bed who's willing to try new things and new positions.
    now having said that and being one myself, it doesn't mean being loose or a slut or anything derogatory as i only have sex with my boyfriend. some people just bring the freak out in others same with nympho qualities. ive never had so much sex with a person before my boyfriend now, i would masturbate but never really commit the act of intercourse.
    to be a nympho means to want sex all the time and take great pleasure in the act.
    someone who can get wet as hell just from the thought of having sex or having sex with someone or seeing the person that they wanna fuck or do fuck with.
  • Horny

    Something with horns.

    sexually aroused/turned on. boys get erections and girls' pussies get wet.
  • Bangover

    The act of being totally exhausted at work on a monday from being banged out by sex sunday night.
  • secks

    The 1337 way of saying 'sex' as to not be blocked in message boards and forums. 'sex' would be blocked, but 'secks' wouldn't be. often put together with the word butt to make 'buttsecks', which is often grouped with surprise to make the phrase 'surprise buttsecks'.
  • casual sex

    Sex for the sake of sex.
  • surprise sex

    Sex when she least expects it