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  • pene

    A zangy combination of the words penis and peepee to describe a man's lovin' stick.
  • Peen

    Slang for the penis in it's flaccid state. nobody like's a limp dick, so peen is also used to describe a real jerk, or a dick.
  • Penis Wrinkle

    An unusually large pivot on the shaft of a male's junk.
  • disco stick

    used by lady gaga in her song "love game"
  • shlong

    A big dick.
  • Chode

    A penis wider than it is long
  • Penor

    Basically, another word for penis; however, penor can be used in several different types of context.
  • schlong

    Penis. often thought to derive from the german "schlange" meaning "snake."

    also possibly from the russian word for "hose" which is pronounced "schlong."
  • wang

    A chinese penis. can be commonly used as regular penis slang.
  • micropenis

    A penis under 3 inches in length