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  • noob

    Someone that completely and utterly sucks at what they are doing. this can range from cooking food, to playing halo or other games.

    the word noob should not be used with the word "newb" or "newbie." these words have completely different definitions and meanings to them, which will be explained next.

    a newb is someone that is new to what they are doing. this can range from having a new job, making burgers at mcdonalds, to playing call of duty 4 for the first time.

    a noob is always mistaken in many different ways of forms by several people. below is a list compiled of several different actions a noob would do, so people will not mistake someone for a noob again. these are just a few examples of what a noob would do, but not all of them.

    a noob would...

    walk into fire

    type in all caps

    kill his own teammates on accident

    type in bright colors

    play on an easy difficulty setting

    state the obvious (ex: our flag has been taken!)

    sing, when they suck at it.

    type random letters

    spam you with messages

    burn food he/she is cooking on accident

    forget to wear their headset

    scream into their headset

    have more deaths than kills

    lose any game (ex: halo, chess, checkers, counter-strike)

    lose repeatedly

    get owned by the same guy repeatedly

    make the same joke over and over again

    steal other people's ideas

    not use proper grammar when they type (ex: do u wanna go to the mall wit justin and i)

    camp in the same spot over and over again, even when they get killed there.

    fail a test

    have a virus on their pc
  • nooblet

    See noob. but just know that nooblet is cooler.
  • Noob Tube

    A grenade launcher mounted on the front of a gun in call of duty 4.
  • froob

    1.)a cunt.
    2.)another word for noob.
  • Newb

    A person who doesn't understand how to do a specific thing.
  • Nubcake

    Noun - when someone things that they can eat noobs for breakfast, but in fact it is the other way around.
  • choob

    Someone who is deficient at playing video games and magnifies the charecteristics of a noob.
  • n00b

    A total idiot who is new to the internet community. rejects all rules of a website and begs, whines, and also trolls/flames. often only speaks the language of chat and you need a chat to english dictionary.

    sometimes confused with a newb. a newb is a new player who is willing to follow the rules and speaks english.

    that is a n00b. people of the internet, beware!
  • Potts

    A word which originated from the irish language in 1988, when tetris was a big hit, many irishmen were playing the game. the defintition of "potts" basically means very bad at something, most likely a leisure activity, such as games.
    the word "potts" was impressed upon a very bad tetris player, who essentially, thought he was the man. this man sardonically was nick-named "pottsie" from there on after.
    the word "potts" is often used today in more advanced computer games, such as wow (world of warcraft, a popular mmorpg) and dota (a popular custom game for warcraft iii: the frozen throne)
  • nub

    A noob or a bad gamer