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  • Noice

    It has came from the word nice, but pronounced nooice
  • nice.

    Used as a statement revealing un-enthusiasm or sarcasm when talking over the internet. deliberately de-capitalized, whether at the beginning of a sentence or not, to show the extent of un-enthusiasm or sarcasm trying to be conveyed.
  • nice girl

    A sweet female who knows how to talk to a male, and is usually quiet, smart and doesn't talk too much, but is ignored by them because she is not as attractive as the smug bitches wearing thongs. like nice guys, but female.
  • good personality

    Nice way to say someone is ugly.
  • Brianna

    A nice, kind-hearted girl, some what stubborn but is also straight-forward. she does worry about friends, and sometimes people she doesn't know. she is caring, and has been known to put things before herself, she is a good friend. and if she has a boyfriend, she stays with him, and is happy with him.
  • Sweet

  • Dancers

    Sexy girls who dance around in there tight costumes. tigh asses and nice bodys! everyone would like to get with a sexy dancer
  • (prime)

    Something real nice.
  • cute guy

    A guy that has good look, nice, sweet, and is different than any other "cute" guy
  • Aaliyah

    She's is nice,funny,and lovable she has more than 9 best friend is looking for true love