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  • define

    Verb. to give a meaning to. a word that probably does not have a slang meaning.
  • mios

    Vietnamese slang word for meaning "fuck".
  • meaning of life

    Well my belief that the meaning of life is to find your proof of your own existence (purpose in life). everyone's purpose is different. no one is here by mistake

    but also... to find something to believe in and pass it on to the next generation (children, ideals, anything you believe will benefit mankind...or not). (the future is what we make of it)

    learning from our mistakes and bettering ourselves from those experiences is also my take on the meaning of life. and death is a part of life but not the meaning of life.

    we may die... but its our resonsibility to teach our children our mistakes and hope the next generation will learn from them.

    and last... we really dont know the true meaning of life... everyone's meaning is something different.

    this is just my belief on life thats all.
  • Otaku

    Japanese: an insulting word meaning someone who is completely obsessed with something. they are the type that generally live in their parents' basements at 30 years old and have no social life.

    english: a term meaning someone very into anime/manga/japanese culture. it can be taken as either a compliment or an insult, depending on the recipient (i take it as a compliment, for example).
  • On Everything

    Meaning that you swear on everything important in you life.

    very serious about what your talking about.
  • listening

    The same meaning as resting my eyes

    it's when you try to act like you aren't going to sleep and you play it off by saying you are just "listening"

    same as- listenin
  • anoying

    Similar meaning to annoying however the individual is so fucking rattled and pissed off he forgets the n.

    the missing n can be located in the depths if hell.
  • supposed to

    A gentle and polite way for meaning "i didn't want to", usually used by girls when wanted, asked or expected for something by their boyfriends
  • not at all

    Meaning not in a million years.
    made popular by a certain group of students at st.mary's college of maryland
  • oxes

    1.) plural noun, meaning a collection of large cow-like pack animals.
    2.) noun, meaning an awesome indie band. they use very odd beats, and excellent guitar work, and put on a hell of a live show.