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  • eunuch

    A eunuch is a castrated human male. the castration can be only of the testes, or also include the penis, known as a penectomy (often with a tube inserted to keep the urethra open, called a urethral rerouting). the practice was established before 700 bc and accounts of eunuchs are known throughout history.

    the english word eunuch is from the greek eune ("bed") and ekhein ("to keep"), effectively "bed keeper." this indicates the traditional role of the eunuch—as a reliable keeper of a ruler's harem. other servants or slaves were also castrated in order to make them 'safer,' either in childhood or later.
  • groom

    Male principal in a wedding ceremony.
  • moneyshot

    The delicious moment when a male "artiste" let's fly into the face of his female co-star
  • Man Lover

    A male that likes it up the cornhole
  • Handcestors

    Handcestors, all the ancestors never born who could have been one's parents/uncles/great-grand-aunts etc. but couldn't due to male masturbation.
  • nether regions

    The area between a person's(male and female) legs; the crotch, the groin, the area where reproduction and the removal of bodily wastes occurs.
  • Bladders

    The lowest form of male that inhabits the earth. doesn't know the difference between a great woman and a horses arse. lives for golf and is probably a closet gay.
  • jerk it

    Male masturbation see masturbation
  • Poofter

    Male homosexual, but the particular nuance is not easy to isolate. on the surface, it is clearly a term of opprobrium. but no one can say it with a straight face, and so it takes on the air of cheerful self-mockery that we associate with dame edna or crocodile dundee.
  • hermaphrodite

    A person with both male and female sex organs