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  • hot chocolate

    Hot chocolate boys/ hot black guys
  • hawt

    1. an ironic misspelling of the word hot, used in a sarcastic way when something is unattractive

    2. a misspelling of the word hot. this use is not recommended unless you like looking like a 12 year old doucher.

    A female who has a really hot body. but her face is really ugly
  • Mackenzie

    Hot, funny, girl who just wants to have fun. usually likes to dance and has a texting obsession. everyone wants to be her friend. mostly boys though but girls get very jealous and think she's a bitch. guys always look at her and dump there girlfriends for her. is sometimes a klutz and runs into things. also loves soda.
  • Hott

    Someone that is so hot the they require two (count them two) t's
  • hot as fuck

    Young mariah carey
  • Hot mess

    A girl who manages to look stunning when other girls would look badly dressed, messy, dirty etc.
  • smokin'

    1. hot
    2. act of smoking a joint or blunt
  • caliente

    If this spanish word is translated into english, it means hot as in attractive, which is something not bad at all. but, on the contrary, to the spanish it means promiscuous
  • sexy

    Something that never left, no matter what anyone (justin timberass) says. its still here. and you know what. its not leaving. so get use to it okay?