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  • Gucci

    A word that means good, great, fine,awesome and ect.
  • Good Shit

    Describes anything that is good but not great, exemplary or better. can be used on mostly objects and such.
  • Dank

    Something of quality. usually refering to weed but it is not a type of weed, more of a generalization. dank weed includes northern lights, white widow, all strains of the deisol, blue dragon, b.c. bud, afghan train wreck, afgoo, o.g. kush, and other strains i cant think of at the moment. basicaly nugs and up is what is known as dank weed. it can also be used to reffer to other things that are of quality.
  • bo selecta

    1. something extra good.
    2. a shoutout to a good dj (which usually refers to 1).
    3. general proclemation (as in dude!).
  • goos

    Adj. extremely good.
  • breaks

    Style of well good music that consists of a catchy breakbeat deviating from the more conventional 4/4 with synths over the top. it is often downtempo and can be alot more interesting than regular techno and trance.

    good breaks artists existing are: hybrid, freestylers, plump djs, stanton warriors, rennie pilgrem, meat katie, tayo, christian j etc.
  • guides

    Abbreviation for guidette. an italian girl who dresses good, tans alot, loves to club, and lives for the summer and spending it down the shore. she parties alot and does so with her guidos.
  • pecks

    6pack/ good stomach
  • Western Civilization

    In the us, 1930s invention of good whites and an apparent common culture excluding non-whites and bad whites (i.e. nazis). used to rally white saviour complex to lead world and also fight nazis who threatened anglo dominance and business interests. taught in universities as foundation for everything that's good in modernity.
  • Firing

    Adj. good, great, awesome, top quality.
    (surf slang, describes wave quality)