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  • holla back girl

    A girl suffering from lordosis, an abnormal forward curvature of the spine in the lumbar region.
  • butter face

    N. a girl who is hot, except for her (but her, butter) face.
  • Girl Crush

    When a female has an admiration for or is fond of another female without necessarily being a lesbian.
  • Valley Girl

    A girl every 15 yr. old boy (including me) wants to have sex with!
  • Tomboy

    A girl that loves games football and hates pink dresses and that stuff,but she is really fun
  • GURL

    The way of spelling girl, favourd by girls below the age of 14 or dyslexics.
  • butherface

    A girl with a tight body but a nasty face.
  • loose rap

    When attmepting to have intercorse with a girl and the condom she has is to big
  • cocktease

    A girl who is flirtacious with almost any member of the opposite sex and pretending it is only innocent behavior, often with the primary intention of fishing for compliments
  • gyal

    A girl ( west indian)