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  • brokeback

    A homosexual act performed by two men,

    origin of word from the 2005 motion picture
  • No Homo

    This is a phrase used when two bros do something that could be interpreted as homosexual, such as the brush of hands, etc. however, saying the phrase "no homo" will cleanse any bro from the action.

    this only applies to the male of the human species.girls will share beds, share clothes all the homo!
  • Bisexual

    Attracted to both genders.
  • fag

    1) an extremely annoying, inconsiderate person most commonly associated with harley riders

    2) a person who owns or frequently rides a harley
  • Gaysian

    A homosexual of asian decent
  • ghey

    Ghey; it means more gay than gay (not the homosexual kind, the lame kind).
  • homosexual

    A person who is attracted to the same sex.
  • Gay

    Not a homosexual or somehing that you find stupid, dumb, idiotic, pointless, and or annoying.

    it is simply a term to describe a happy mood or expression.
  • Gaydar

    The uncanny ability of gays to home in on those of the sam persuasion, no matter how they migh try to hide the fact

    Lgbtq means that you're fucking retarded and you need mental help.