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  • Hilarious

    So funny it might make you cry.
  • joke

    Something funny about an important social issue that makes people laugh, but also think.
  • Humor

    A trait that someone can have. humor means very funny! usually people with humor love to laugh, and make others laugh as well! people with humor are great use for cheering up! if you have a friend with lots of humor, your very lucky!
  • Punny

    A play or exploitation on words in a funny pun fashion.
  • will ferrell

    Unbelievably hilarious comic who currently has the ability to say anything and make it funny.

    also famous for carrying the show saturday night live on his back for several years.

    best skits include: bad doctor 1, bad doctor 2, antibacterial hamburger helper commercial, dissing your dog, dog show, george bush, the h is o, crossing over, morning latte, harry carey, and of course inside the actors studio with james lipton.

    starred in the movie old school.
  • Toilet Humor

    Toilet humor is reference to defecation, vomiting, farting and urination in a humorous way. it can be funny or just totally stupid depending on the way it is presented. it is the main style of humor used in movies and television series such as american pie, south park, beavis and butthead, and jackass.
  • a funny

    1) to make a joke or say something that is indeed funny.

    2) to take the piss if someone says something funny when they usually don't
  • funnny

    1. when someone who can't spell attempt to write "funny".
    2. when something is so hilarious you just gotta add another "n" for emphasis.
  • Mackenzie

    Mackenzie is the perkiest happiest girl you will ever meet. she is kind of short, but really pretty and nice. she would never do anything to hurt anyone. if you find a mackenzie, be her friend and always have her back because she will do the same for you.
  • silly

    A girl named grace.