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  • fuck

    To engage in sexual intercourse with someone.
  • FTW

    Fuck taiwan
  • Phuck

    Sexy computers that eat brains.
  • fack

    To shove a gerbil up your ass.
  • CILF

    A cousin i'd like to fuck.
  • Fock

    1: a form of substitution for the word fuck.
    2: the way a person with a specific accent says fuck.
  • Fook

    1.the irish pronunciation of fuck

    2.the way posh english girls try to stay polite by pretending they are not swearing.
  • idgaf

    Internet speak meaning, "i don't give a fuck".

  • Frick

    Alternative to "fuck". from the oppressive factory manager "henry clay frick" who was hated by his workers. frick was shot multiple times by the anarchist alexander berkman, then stabbed repeatedly until berkman was pulled off the mangled near-corpse of frick.
  • DILF

    1)acronym for "dad i'd like to fuck"
    2)a heterosexual female's version of a milf (see milf)