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  • friends with benefits

    Two friends, a man & a woman, with a casual dating relationship; the benefits can be long,deep,flirting conversations, or jack and jill sessions, or mutual masterbation, or make-out sessions which can include just an exchange of oral sex or penetration sex without commitment.
  • homeskillets

  • friendship

    Can insult each other without getting offended. similar interests. both on an equal level of being fucked up. can comfortably talk about anal fisting.
  • Besties

    Two friends that get along really well
  • Amigos

    Friends like ab, jd, lf, jh, lr get together and do pilates or go shopping or whatever girls do best!
  • frenemies

    You can be friends yet enemies.
  • posse

    Your group of friends who you tight with and who got your back around haters
  • jennifer aniston

    Over-rated "actress" who gained notoriety playing rachel on the hugely successful sitcom friends. she continues her career on the silver screen, playing essentially that same rachel character in every movie she does. also known for her permanently erect nipples, and for never wearing a bra.
  • Angelina

    A person who basically gives up on life. she is an accomplice with a guy named frank and likes blowing him everyday. she says that she wants to kill herself everyday but frank intervened like the little shit he is. angelina can be a little defensive when it comes to frank which is why her and franks friends ship them so hard. she likes to say "boi" a lot.
  • Just friends

    Adj. someone that you are associated with non-stop, always asked if you are dating, but you aren't because one or both of you won't admit to liking each other.