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  • dudette

    A female dude, aka a female friend
  • broad

    Female, usually refering to a prostitute or easy lay.
  • woman

    Thing that makes sandwhiches
  • chavette

    Female version of chav.
  • Janis Joplin

    The female rock singer. we shall not see her like again.

    A female who prostitutes for cocaine and other methanfetamines
  • Domme

    Female dominant in a bdsm relationship
    (usually spelled as a proper noun, e.g. 'domme', as is it's male counterpart, 'dom')
  • pornstars

    A pornstar (female or male)is someone who's never been able to get a husband or wife, and put theirselves on sites naked. to show disguisting perverts how they look like.
  • Felixes

    A female felix a girl who flirts by poking.
  • Nip Slips

    When a female celebrity "accidently" lets her nipple show or has her whole boob slip out. check pictures of lindsey lohan.