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  • crunk

    To be high and drunk at the same time.
  • Droned

    The act of being drunk and stoned at the same time
  • Sleep Drunk

    The point where you are so sleepy it feels like you're drunk because you kind of are. the blood alcohol level rise in your body with a lack of proper sleep and also with out having to drink alcohol.
  • Shit Faced

    Being really drunk and high that you have completely nooo idea what you are doing.
  • Sloshed

    To get really fucked up or to be completely wasted.
  • pissed

    When someone gets really drunk, like where they start slurring and can't walk straight.
  • drunk catcher

    An obstacle found in one's path that, while drunk, provides an incredible challenge to avoid. this includes cracks in the sidewalk, low-hanging tree branches, abnormal curbs, and members of the opposite sex who are of questionable attractiveness. generally, these are ranked by class, or degree of difficulty: class 1 being the lowest and class 5 being the highest.
  • drunk

    The inbetween stage of "tipsy" and "messy".

    not the past tense of "to drink".
  • shit housed

    This term for being extremely intoxicated is a variation of the term "shit faced." it is commonly used in the military, particularly in the marines and navy bases in hawaii.
    can also be phrased as simply "shit house."
  • slizzard

    A dude das drunk like i always am haha