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  • dick move

    Doing something to help you, and ruining it for other people.
  • Richard

    1. short form for dick
    2. commonly used name
  • shlong

    A looooooooong dick that is used to scare off girls, mainly virgins
  • Dickle

    When your dick is in a pickle (situation).
  • dick cheese

    When there's a yellowy substance surrounding the shaft and pee hole of a penis causing a massive build up of crusty grossness.
  • dick flick

    The opposite of a chick flick-- a movie that appeals almost exclusively to males
  • dick pic

    A picture of your dick.
  • dickass

    The commonly known name of the littlest white forest spirit from the anime classic, my neighbor totoro.
  • dickface

    The state of having a dick for a nose
  • SMD

    Suck my dick