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  • cunt punt

    1) when someone kicks a woman in the pussy
    2) when someone threatens to kick a man in the balls but wants to warn them with an insult
  • shitcunt

    An extreme breed of cunt; the asshole, as a cunt. unlike "cunt," "shitcunt" is free of gender implication/application.
  • skunt

    A skunt is a person who lies between the definitions for scut and cunt; someone who is abrasive in their portrayal of affection.
  • Thundercunt

    1. a megacunt, usually white trash by nature, who needs to learn when to shut her trap 2. an excessively bitchy person, who spends her days making others feel worthless
  • cunt rag

    A. a rag that can be used to wipe sweaty cuts
    b. a person you wouldn't want to be associated with for any reason
    c. a shity situation
  • Chunt

    Noun; mixture of words "cunt" and "chode"; all-encompassing slang word used for name calling, typically when you can't decide if the subject is being more of a cunt or a chode.
  • Cunting

    The act of seeking cunt, also known as hunting cunt ( cunting)
  • Cunt Hair

    A term usually used in military applications, and often abbreviated to just ch (or charlie-hotel in phonetics.) is is often looked upon as the second smallest possible unit of measurement outside of scientific applications, the smallest being a red cunt hair (rch/romeo-charlie-hotel.)

    it holds no exact translation into either the us standard or the metric systems, and is an extremely variable term. the closest possible definition is: an approximation of an extremely small increment.
  • Cuntpunch

    To fire you fist violently between a womans leg, possibly forcing your whole fist into her vagina causing a massive popping sound.
  • Cunty

    Cunt-ee –adjective pertaining to or characterized by being a cunt.