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  • cumbubble

    A cumbubble of hot steamy jizz
  • Jizz

    The yummy white stuff that comes out of a guys dick when he has an erection.
  • cum slut

    A small rock wallaby living in the lower reagions of the australian mountains
  • spooge

    (fam)spunk; cuckusglobulus omnisaltus; sphincter sauce; jizz; wadd; spewj; nut bile; schlong spit; watchawant; nostril glue; tonsil topping; li' swig

    see also: dick snot
  • Cum Bucket

    When a guy develops enough cum in his balls during sex to fill up a bucket!
  • Cum Fart

    The uniquely smelling fart that came from an ass that has cum fermenting inside of it.
  • Cum Dumpster

    A man or woman who enjoys the intake of seminal fluids (sperm/semen)into their anatomy via any number of orifices.
    eg. paris hilton

    (syn): spooge hole
  • Baby Gravy

  • cum shot

    When you have an orgasim and you cum and it shoots all over the place.
  • Skeet

    To ejaculate. to let sperm come out of your penis