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  • kewl

    (n.) a dumba** way of spelling "cool" that pot-smoking, skateboarders use. you have to scrunch up your nose to say it, or else, you're saying it wrong.
  • Coolio

    A fag version of the word cool. please do not use it.
  • dank

    Coolest group of people that you can be apart of. everyone is jealous of this group and they wish they could be in it
  • fetch

    A replacement for cool. one thought to be coined by tina fey's "mean girls", it was actually developed in website www.giygas.net which show's by date that fetch was used before the movie had debuted. sadly, now that is it has hit mainstream it, will die quickly.
    the antonym is antifetch.
  • kool

    The combination of the 2 words "cool" and "korean". so if someone calls you "kool" your a cool korean
  • wicked cool

    There is cool, there is wicked, and then there is wicked cool. best to be used when something is very 'fly' and/or 'hip' but radical seems to hippy, dope seems to east-side, and phenominal seems to intense to describe the coolness of the situation/action/object.
  • shibby

  • drippin'

    A slang word meaning 'cool' or something that is utterly of the scale. used by teens it will soon become the most popular urbannword.
  • cool cat

    It means cool. look up jive turkey for a more descriptive def.
  • Rad

    A word that can be replaced with cool or awesome. generally meaning that something is good.