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  • Blasian

    Someone who is half black and half asian.
  • African American

    Generally refers to americans who have emigrated or are the descendants of those emigrated from the african continent. sometimes this term is used erroneously to refer to all people of brown skin that are not latino or native american.
  • black

    The color that has depth. with the absence of color, black gives the other colors meaning. goes with everything.
  • colored

    Mistakenly thought of as an "object of color", however there is no color 'out there.' color is merely certain nanometers of electromagnetic energy that (lucky us) our eyes can register as color. most electromagnetic energy cannot be processed by our eyes, for example, radio waves, or radiation. thus what we see is only because of our eyes.
  • black friday

    The day after thanksgiving in the us, and typially considered the busiest shopping day of the year. the term "black" is said to come from a large number companies that don't generate profits until that friday, when they swing from the red into the black.
  • black people

    -loud, ignorant people who always complain about how bad their shit is but they don't do anything about it.
    -hogs welfare money
    -likes to poke fun at other races to make them feel better about their own.
    -steals things, mugs old grandmas in wheelchairs
    - dirty hobos
    -inconsiderate of other people
  • negro

    Term used to describe a disadvantaged colored folk usually from the south who refuses to assimilate into society, finish school, goto college, and get a job without complaining.
  • mulatto

    A mulatto is someone who has one white and one black parent or someone whose ancestors are also mixed white and black. also known as half-caste or mixed race. alot of south american countrys have large percentages of mulattos. bob marley was a mulatto and so is halle berry.
  • wiger

    A man or woman that acts like they're black or african american life style.
  • jigaboo

    A black or african american person