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  • bitchassness

    A sickness one suffers from; sudden or unexpected act of bitchin about the smallest things and for no apparent reason
  • biatch

    Word originally created by gangstas, but sumhow used by every single spoiled white girl in america
  • bitch nigga

    Bitch nigga = graylin cook is a bitch nigga some one who hates alot.
    a hater, loser, bitch

    some one who loves &========d
  • biznatch

    The only other word for bitch which is *much* cooler
  • bitchface

    Insult. another use of the word bitch.
    bitch+face= bitchface
  • bish

    A shortened version of the word bitch. commonly used when it is inappropriate to swear. mostly used as an insult.
  • biotch

    Slang word for bitch. makes little kids think they are cool when they say it.
  • Beezy

    1.a bitch, trick, hoe, or money maker

    2. someone uneducated about something
  • Betch

    Another word for bitch, but less rude. popularized by kelly in her song 'shoes'. you might find yourself saying betch at random times, most likely when you want to party.
  • beotch

    A word made up by minorities in a time when speech impediments and making up words was cool.