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  • bootiful

    A beautiful booty
  • Bella

    A beautiful sweet girl. but if you mess with her shits going down
  • Natalie

    A very sweet girl. she's very smart and tries to be nice to everyone. a beautiful girl who's always trying to make people happy. a good friend whom you can trust. an animal lover. she loves being with her friends. she is only mean when you annoy the shit out of her. a fun-loving girl that loves everybody and doesn't take crap froma anyone!
  • beautiful

    It's not hot or fine...it's more than pretty...you dont have to try to "be" it..people just know you are..its what's on the inside
  • Emma

    Emma is the type of girl that always listens. i know they can be emotional sometimes though. she is just the type of girl that no matter what she does you can't help but to love her. emma doesn't realize her beauty and doesn't know her talents. she is one of the most talented people in your life. even if things take a bad turn she will always be there for you. when you just gaze into emma's eyes you can see into a vast distance of how things could be and how you really do miss her! emma is one type of girl that even when she leaves you, you can never forget her. if she is upset, it's hard to sleep knowing you didn't try to help her. sometimes emma's need help reaching their goals but that is why us guys are around. shoot for the stars...for her
  • Morgan

    Morgan is an extremely beautiful person. when you first meet morgan she is very quiet and shy. once you get to know her however she will make you wonder why you ever thought she was boring. morgan is funny and sarcastic. sometimes she can be hard to handle but if you stay with her she will love you forever. morgan is emotional and when she falls for someone, she falls hard. morgan has the most beautiful blue or green eyes you've ever seen. she's not perfect. she's curvy and thick. she has long, beautiful, soft hair. if you are ever lucky enough to find a morgan you should definitley make sure you keep her forever.
  • Grace

    1. the type of girl that every guy loves and every insecure girl hates.

    2. the most loyal friend or girlfriend anyone could hope and pray for. a grace will encourage, motivate and believe in you when no one else does. by her sheer will alone as a result of her love you will achieve greatness.

    3. a one-of-a-kind original. if you ever meet a grace, you will never forget her. she draws you in like a moth to a flame, her effervescent personality will charm even the most hard-hearted. she'll make you laugh, make you think and sometimes make you cry. but one things for sure, she will make you feel something.

    4. mysterious. you can spend your whole life and will never fully understand the depths of a grace. she's like the ocean, only few can make it to explore all of her mysteries. she's simultaneously open and aloof, free-spirited and guarded. if you don't know her you've probably got it all wrong. but if you get to know her, you'll never, ever be the same.
  • Celines

    The most beautiful girl you will ever meet. very passionate and loving. also very caring. she's there for you when you need her. she's not perfect, buts she's absolutely worth it.
  • olivia

    An amazingly spaztastic girl with a great sense of humor. olivias usually are perfect. and with a nice booty too;) olivias listen to the bestest music and dance like niki minaj. they can procrastinate like theres no tommorow. olivias are the best people ever. they get all dem boys and can always make you laugh. they are so hot theyll burn u with one touch.
  • Alicia

    The cutest girl ever. she has long black hair and a cute smile. often laughing and is just an all around cheerful woman.