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  • nofx

    A band that proves punk is not fucking dead. band includes eric melvin who will make you milt yourself every time you see him if you're a girl and maybe even some of you guys out there if you "swing" that way.
  • cky

    Stands for
    camp kill yourself
    1.a very, very overated metal band. listen they really arn't that good. are mostly listened to by nerds these days.
    2. a way of life which consists of jumping off things and trying to do crazy idiotic stunts that are very paintfull or discusting in public. it was cool at one time but now its only re-enacted by nerds.
  • in flames

    An awesome band from sweden founded in the early 90's. they are famous for their legendary riffs and songs so catchy it is not tiring to listen to after a couple of re-runs.

    however at the dawn of reroute to remain, they started sounding mainstream. i don't know why they'd done it (probably to attract a larger crowd aside from their current fanbase), but they still got their own harmonious riffs, just not as good from way back.
  • less than jake

    An awesome band, who, like the clash, operation ivy, rancid preach anti-racism, it's a shame the bellend who posted before me didnt realise that ;-)
  • Band Geek

    1. someone who continually talks about band to whoever would listen, whether it is complaining or bragging. as long as it's about band then they're happy.

    2. someone who sits at the "band table" in the school lunchroom with their other band geek friends.

    3. someone who calls the band room their home, and have cried at the end of every school year because when the seniors graduate it's like losing some of their own family members.

    4. someone who knows that the football field was really made for marching band, because they're the only people who do something good on the field.

    5. someone who can turn just about anything dirty because of all the innuendos you can have with playing an instrument.

    6. if you had drumsticks you could be entertained for hours by just playing that music you have running through your head.
  • the used

    A musical band that has fans who would apparently rather spend time posting their oppinions about how "cool" they are instead of doing something productive. apparently none of you know the meaning of a dictionary, because if you did you wouldn't be saying stuff like "used pwns", because fyi, that's not informing in one way.
  • libertines

    The libertines are a british indie pop rock band fronted by carl barât and peter doherty. the band split up in 2004 after having trouble with pete's drug addiction. the two other members are gary (drums) and john (bass) who is now the frontman of a band called yeti. they were an amazing band and most fans hope they'll get back together again someday although it seems very unlikely.
  • sublime

    An incredible band that sounds like no other; instantly recognizable. they combine elements of reggae, punk, and ska, among others to create some great sounding songs (date rape, wrong way, burritos, santaria...)
  • Disturbed

    Best band ever!!! y dont u dumb a**es like them??? they r the greatest most talented band of all time. no other band matters. disturbed!!!
  • ramones

    "the most over-rated band ever. very, very annoying sounding and boring. even the sex pistols had more talent than these guys.
    ramones fan: gabba gabba hey!
    other kid: fuck you. ramones suck!
    ramones fan: waa! (crying"

    the person who wrote this is mentally retarded. in case you havent noticed green day totally ripped them off and u know nothing of punk rock. go listen to ur gay emo music and slit ur wrists or something