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  • Prick

    An ass hole, or bitchhoe
  • balloon knot

    A tight butt hole that hasn't recently seen any form of penetration, thus giving the illusion of the knot of a balloon
  • A-hole

    An a-hole is a person who is an asshole.

    it is just a polite way to say asshole. someone who is just like my brother.
  • ignoranus

    1. someone who is both ignorant and an asshole.

    2. george w. bush.
  • Masshole

    Masshole: an asshole; either originating from or currently living in the state of massachusetts. is prone to bragging about the red sox or the kennedys.
  • express-hole

    A grocery shopper that has way more than ten items.
  • asstard

    One who appears to be either an asshole or a retard, but you cannot tell which.
  • Cabron

    Asshole, bastard, bitch, fucker
  • ass-bag

    Originated at kennedy middle school in florida. it is a generic insult, used to replace the already common, "asshole", and "bastard". basically, someone who is just a bag of ass-ness.
    also can be considered a mixture of "asshole" and "dousche bag"
  • Fag

    Someone who is inconsiderate, arrogant, tiring or unwelcome. an in general unpleasant person to associate with or be around. not pertained to being homosexual.