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  • Booty

    Used to describe everyone and everything.
  • arse

    It's what british people call ass.

    it's totally lame, and it's how you can tell that somebody is a tea drinking little bitch
  • Assface

    A verb. to marshal together a group to detain and subdue a person to the ground, while one asshole drops his pants, spreads his cheeks, and rubs his asshole across the victim's face. this act usually results in anger, or if the victim is a pussy, crying. also causes intense embarrasment, not to mention it just plain smells like ass. also may have the side effect of pink eye.
  • swass

    Sweaty ass syndrome. an embarrassing condition that causes one's butt to sweat, no matter what the temperature is. this sweat doesn't stink.
  • asshat

    The inability to process mental reasoning or common sense. thus wearing your ass as a -10 intelligence hat.

    see also forseer, imalilteepot
  • assbutt

    1. the butt of a donkey

    2. someone who has traits of both an ass and a butt

    3. used to get someone's attention and piss them off while sounding cool and hilarious to bystanders

    4. a word uttered loudly in the presence of authority figures to show your not afraid to break the rules. (because we all know that rules were made to be broken :d)
  • blessed from behind

    Your ass is huge.
  • ass master

    You and/or one or more of your gay little buddies, that like to give/take it up the ass regularly
  • Bitchassness

    (diddy created it)

    1.describes the behavior of a male/female who is acting out of pocket.

    2. when a male/female over-reacts at the smallest thing

    3. when a male/female tries to push your buttons just because they are having a bad day
  • swamp ass

    When someone has a horrible case of encrusted or wet poo in their ass