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  • vuvuzela

  • obnoxious

  • Hit 'em with the Hein!

    An annoying and amusing catchphrase from the howard stern show, designed for the purpose of pissing off howard stern staffer jon hein. despite hein's efforts to suppress the catchphrase, it has gained some traction among followers of the show, in much the same way as bababooey did many years earlier.
  • notification

    One of those random annoying popups that really piss you off but you don't turn it off anyway.
  • anal twitch

    1:the involuntary spasming of muscles around the anus.

    2: a person so annoying and obnoxious that they can only be referred to as an " anal twitch".

    Somebody who connives, does annoying things. many times a conniver will tell on someone, or threaten to tell on someone. often in sixth grade.
  • my brother

    An annoying family member that cares about you so much that he ruins your life
  • capital letters

    A very annoying form of typing in which the individual will type in only caps.
  • and then

    Annoying keyword constantly repeated by dumb drive-in staff as well as from annoying asian fast food take-out restaurant staff to frustrated customers.
  • fag

    To spam up urban dictionary with a joke one heard on a cartoon.