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  • Jenna

    So cool, has tons of friends, likes the wrong guys, loves to go shopping, smart and knows pretty much everyone!!
    everybody always has a great time with her and she loves every1 and is loved by everyone!!
    jenna is the perfect girlfriend for everyone!
  • Joshua

    Joshua is perfection. he never seizes to make his girl smile :) he's a real man ;) he's always there for you, no matter how bad you've messed up. he knows how to treat a girl right and make her happy no matter what. joshua is every girl's dream guy. and any girl who gets to live that dream is the luckiest girl alive! joshua is absolutely amazing! <3 xx
  • Tyler

    A tyler is someone who is amazing at sports. particularly basketball and soccer. his eyes are stunning and very pretty. if tyler's are dating someone they never cheat. they are amazing in school and have great work ethic. they are tall and smooth talkers. tyler's love everyone.
  • Sophie

    A girl who is kind hearted,beautiful and extremly smart. when shes with her friends shes crazy and overly ecxited!sophie has a lot of friends and knows how to crack a joke. they fall in love easily .sophies love fruits(pineapples,strawberries and mangos)they love pasta too. if you know a sophie in your life you're lucky!
  • Julie

    A woman who is truelly amazing. if you have her in your life you will treasure her like the gift she is and never give her up. for she is perfect inside and out. beautiful golden blonde hair, hazel blue eyes that smile, a hard worker, understanding, very intelligent, a great mom, she is hilarious, a best friend and a stunning body to boot. she isn't materialistic and all real!! once you meet a julie, you will know who she is for sure and you will always remember her.
  • Nick

    The most amazingly swell and charming prince in the entire universe who treats you like a princess. he has an amazing sense of humour and also has a jawline that has been cut by the gods. his hair is always on point and he will always put others before him. hes worth chasing 101% guaranteed.
    but be warned: nick is very stubborn.
  • derek

    The most amazing guy ever. i like him sooo much and hes all mine! he pinky swears to never hurt me and that makes me fell like im special. when im with him i feel like the prettiest girl in the world,
  • Paige

    A hot funny amazing girl who has the best heart ever and you can trust her and she will always be there for you she will be your best friend for life and you will become sisters forever. all the boys will want her but she will always wait for that special person
  • Mackenzie

    An amazing, super funny, girl who can make anyone laugh! she attends manymany concerts, and everyone loves her with a burning passion. very attractive and a blond bombshell!! everyone wants to be close friends with mackenzie but too bad...she already has her besties for life!!
  • amazin

    Slang for amazing.....