the hammer

A slang word used for the city of hamilton ont.
I'm from the hammer yo

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  • HAM

    Acronym for hard as a motherfu@#r
  • Hamilton

    A once thriving industrial city in southern ohio, now a run-down shithole with about half of the buildings vacated. now almost completely populated by either crackheads, pill fiends, hill-jacks, or some other sort of degenerate you can think of.

    most women in the town are below average attractiveness, but are terribly slutty nonetheless. the women that are average usually become prostitutes by the time they're thirteen years old.

    the only business still making a profit in the town is a paper mill, so half the town smells like human shit.

    also known as hamiltucky, because it was originally populated by the rejects from the coal mines in kentucky, who moved north seeking work.
  • ham

    Hoe ass motherfucka
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    Slang for portland,oregon the fastest growing city on the great west coast. the weed capital of the usa.