that's what he said

Just like that's what she said, exept what a guy would say.
Bob: I could really use a hand.
Tod: That's what he said.

Julie: Betcha can't stick that whole lolly-pop in your mouth.
Emily: That's what he said.

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  • TWSS

    A chat term, and an abbreviation for "that's what she said." commonly used when one person says something that could be misconstrued as a double entendre.
  • that's what he said

    A statement used to draw attention to a phrase that could be interpreted as sexual innuendo. this interjection is used when someone, usually a female, unintentionally makes a sexual comment. the "he" is typically assumed to be the girl's boyfriend.

    the inverse use that's what she said was made popular by the hit tv show the office.
  • thats what she said

    "thats what she said" is a fun way to work sex into any conversation. heres how:

    "she" reffers to a hypothetical girl that one supposedly had sex with, and during or around the act of sex the girl supposedly says something. such as, "chill out, its not like i can get it all in at once". so this joke is useful when your friend says something that sounds like something a girl would say during or around the time of the act of sex. if you do it right you can simultaneously indicate that you are having great sex, and also that your girlfriend is totally impressed with your size, or cant get enough of you, or wants to include other girls, or basically anything you want. so be creative in how you use this phrase. definitely play around with it. of course, that's what she said.
  • That's what he said

    The same as that's what she said, except when girls say it
  • that's what she said

    Hilarious innuendo that you can say for pretty much anything.