A large green ogre. with a donkey friend.
Just watch the film, man.

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  • big booty

    An overly large backside, which often causes sexual excitement in others.
  • lindsay lohans

    A large pair of breasts on a woman. comes from the fact that lindsay lohan has large boobs.
  • big-ass

    "big-ass" (adjective)
    pronounciation key {bhig-as}
    1. of more than average size, quantity, degree, etc.; exceeding that which is common to a kind or class; big; great: a big-ass house; a big-ass number; in big-ass measure; to a big-ass extent.
    2. of great scope or range; extensive; broad.
    3. grand or pompous:
  • Shrek

    The creator of the life that was given to us and the creation of love.
  • Ogre

    Someone who has been trolled or offended purposely by a subject for that subject's own amusement. an ogre mainly gets affected by the troll easily, and therefore gets offended easily by a common troll.
    ogre's most likely would say things expecting people to care about them, instead the ogre gets trolled by others.