Someone cute, nice and bright! or just perspicacious :-)
This rapper is so quick-witted! His rhymes are tight!

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  • Unhappiness

    A quick, unannounced, discomforting movement of the bowels.
  • Astute

    1.beign able to make large conclusions with only minisclue observations.

    2. clever, quick, cunning or ingenious.
  • Quick Scope

    A quick scope was born from the call of duty and halo franchises. the idea is to pull in your scope and shoot at the moment you see your crosshairs. this can be useful in combat because a skilled player may be able to pull this off and get accurate, one-shot kills. this is normally for show and is not the best way to play unless you want to impress others by making videos or compilations. machinima.com is a great place to find these montages and skill in quickscoping.
  • quicky

    The act of intercourse in a short amount of time (usually under 3 minutes) where the male recieves the majority of the pleasure, as the females sexual peak has been known to come later (all though no one cares)
  • Quick-Scope

    A kill in fps games like modern warfare 2, where the person using a sniper rifle (like the intervention, m40a3, or r700) zooms in with the regular scope barely enough for the cross-hairs inside the scope to become visible or just before resulting in a dark scope and then firing the weapon resulting in a kill. thus the quick-scope.

    perfect mw2 class for this: intervention+fmj, sleight of hand pro, stopping power pro, ninja pro (cause noobs need steady aim).