V. the process of moving an idealistic group into a previously well-maintained public square or park; also the movement of any unwanted group onto any desirable property or personal space.
When is this occupation of North America by the Europeans going to end? I have some plans for lower Manhattan island that I'd like to get to.

Hey! Some random family is occupying our "slacker" table in the food court.

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Relevant definitions

  • Post-Adolescent Idealistic Phase

    The time after the pointless teen years in which a young person develops what are called "standards" and "morals." it is a time in which eyes are opened and "the truth" suddenly becomes clear.

    usually beginning when one enters college, said young person reads deep literature, searches for the meaning of life, and listens to college radio, all the while secretly becoming even more confused than when he/she was an lame 16 year old.

    the post-adolescent idealistic phase usually entails naive 18-20something year olds upholding hopeful, yet unrealistic morals. often, utopian dreams can be confused for "the truth."

    after the phase has ended, the young person must beware becoming highly hypocritical and/or jaded once life has slapped them around a bit.
  • echo chamber

    A place free of serious debate where everyone repeats the same opinions, no one calls anyone else out, and criticism is frowned upon.
  • paynus

    When your salary is bigger than someone else's.
  • handshake rape

    When someone asserts their dominance over you in a handshake by grabbing your fingers before you have a chance to get a proper grip
  • BDSM

    Bloody disgusting sexual manners