Plural. see mary-sue
The story had three Mary-Sues, all of which were obnoxious in their urple "glory".

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  • Mary Sue

    See mary-sue. a female fanfiction character who is so perfect as to be annoying. the male equivlalent is the marty-stu. often abbreviated to "sue". a mary sue character is usually written by a beginning author. often, the mary sue is a self-insert with a few "improvements" (ex. better body, more popular, etc). the mary sue character is almost always beautiful, smart, etc... in short, she is the "perfect" girl. the mary sue usually falls in love with the author's favorite character(s) and winds up upstaging all of the other characters in the book/series/universe. there are several main types of mary sue:

    victim!sues: the victim!sue is your whiny, wimpy, pathetic female character who can't seem to do much of anything except cry and get herself into trouble that the romantic interest of the fic has to rescue her from.

    warrior!sues: the warrior!sue is usually loud, obnoxious and (of course) an amazing warrior. she'll usually have some tragic past that led her to become a warrior, and she'll upstage all of the canonical characters with her mad sueish powerz.

    mage!sue: similar to the warrior!sue, the mage!sue has amazing stregnth in magic, or has a magical power that nobody else has. she'll usually wind up upstaging all of the magical characters of the series.

    punk!sue: also called noncomformist!sue or goth!sue, the punk!sue is usually written by female beginners in the 11-15 age group. the punk!sue is loud, obnoxious, annoying and generally the type of person who you'd want to send off to boot camp for six months. the punk!sue almost always has angst coming out of her ears and isn't really a bad person, she's just oh!-so-angry at whatever tragic past the author has chosen to give her. the punk!sue is based on what the 11-15 year old author thinks is "cool" and wishes she could be. this includes evil!sues.

    misfit!sue: this includes all sues who are supposedly geeks, nerds, misfits, etc. usually, the misfit!sue doesn't start out as inhumanly beautiful, but winds up getting a makeover and finding out she had the potential to be a guy-magnet (or girl-magnet, depending on the genre) all along. also includes the "my parents want me to do this but i want to do that and it's not fair!!one!" type of sue. usually, this sue is very bookish and smart, but will find some sort of physical talent nobody expected and become a star as a result.

    another thing to note is that a sue will usually have a completely off-the-wall name, like "viquetoria". the more wierd and pretentious the name of the character, the more likely it is that she's a sue.

    finally, sues often have wierd, improbable or impossible bloodlines. a secret half-elf child of elrond and a nameless human would be an example of this. a character who was dumbledore's grandchild and tom riddle's daughter would be another example.
  • Twilight

    Twilight is a novel and four book series that claims to be a "saga" for false advertisement. twilight has no actual plot, it strays from its own cannon that it creates, the main characters are cliché and lack developing personalities, and it is void of any spiritual and intellectual value. it lacks in the 7 literary standards of literature and is thus bad literature. twilight is basically a cash cow, not uncommon in early 21st century mass media. it is mormon propaganda that slips in sexist standards of men and women , abstinence only views, and false ideals of love into the underdeveloped minds of adolescent girls. it is the incarnation of stephanie meyer's ultimate sexual fantasy.

    twilight is told in the point of view of a "boring" "ordinary" clumsy teenage girl named bella swan who moves to forks. bella is evidently a bitchy, selfish, shallow self insertion mary sue. she has no actual personality flaws and her clumsiness is ostensibly a moe weakness.

    for reasons unexplained to the readers, everyone at her new school likes her on her first day at school and five guys fall in love with her, including edward cullen. edward is a "vegetarian vampire" and sparkles in the sun light. he is perfectly beautiful, has no weaknesses, and is an immortal century old virgin with the appearance of a 17 year old. he is a gary stu. bella and edward fall in love with each other for reasons unexplained to the readers. bella apparently loves edward because she is obsessed with his perfect good looks and edward apparently loves bella because she smells good. thus their entire relationship is based on obsessive sexual attraction. in fact, the whole world of twilight revolves around their relationship.

    edward is over an abusive controlling stalker that watches bella in her sleep. bella excuses edward actions as being “over protective”. bella is utterly dependent on edward, so much that she goes into a chronically depressed and suicidal state when he dumps her.
  • sporking

    The mocking/critiquing of a mary sue character found in any fandom. often done on can be combined with bleeprin (to relieve the headaches after reading them) and brain bleach (to remove them completely.)
  • fanfiction

    1. put bluntly, fiction by the fans. created by fans of any particular fandom, 50% of fanfiction is crap, 24% is non-crappy smut, 25% fits into the category of crap and smut, and the remaining 1% is some pretty good stuff.
    2. something english teachers don't like.
  • edgy

    Adjective. taking coolness to its extreme and generally beyond the realm of actual possibility, while at the same time seemingly unaware of how ridiculous it is.

    distinctions from similar words:
    * mary-sue: this is distinct from mary-sue because characters generally have "flaws", but which end up making them cooler as opposed to actually flawed.
    * try-hard: edgy characters go for diversity in their coolness instead of a specific theme. an edgy character is much more diversely cool, whereas a try-hard goes for something specific, like "only using knives" or "hates color because he/she is goth".
    * campy: edgy things are either unaware of their ridiculousness or actively try to explain it away. in contrast, campy things are totally aware of how ridiculous they are and actively embrace it.