many men

50 cent's favorite song acording to a interview, in the video, he explains how he got shot 9 times and survived.
Drive-by shotters:Hey yo lets shoot that 50 prick, aye lets go..
50 Cent:Mudafucka your lives are in the line...

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  • many men

    The greatest song ever recorded.
  • Shot

    Shot is a word that came from the well known word "hurt" which means that someone/something is ugly. "shot" on the other hand is the next step to being hurt. it means you're uglier than hurt. if someone calls you shot, then they are calling you the ugliest of the ugly, the most unattractive person ever, so sucks for you.

    this word came from the bay area(san francisco,oakland etc) in california.
  • gotta

    1-short for "got to", meaning "have to". see have gotta.
    2-short for "have you got a".
  • Heathens

    Name of the newest twenty one pilots song that just came out.
  • No Such Thing

    John mayer song about his high school reunion, and realizing that there's no such thing as the real world. from his hit debut album room for squares.

    see also: your body is a wonderland