L.g's - "little girls"
Stay away from those L.G's my friend.

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  • hollaback girl

    A hollaback girl is a girl that is somewhat of a tramp. shes the girl that you see walking down the street in a skimpy shirt and when guys drive by, they "holla" at her. a hollaback girl by definition, then proceeds to "hollaback". after the hollaback, she'll "hop in" the guys car.

    usually these girls are girls that are not popular because of their class or sophistication, but because they "put out".
  • Butter Face

    1) a girl who has an exceptable or sexy body, but has a less attractive face. originated from: she is hot, but her face is not

    also see: butterface
  • Girl Crush

    When you purely adore and admire another girl, but are not sexually attracted to her. in some cases, though, a girl can be attracted to just that one girl, and no other girls. they may even fall in love with them. girl crushes can be on celebrities, or girls you know personally. i personally am in love with my girl crush.
  • butterface

    Butterface: not a good lookin girl or guy
  • valley girl

    I think a valley girl is something as the dutch breezer girl....girls who are interested in those things:
    1. "her boyfriend" (that means sex)
    2. her boyfriend
    3. her boyfriend
    4. make-up
    5. imitating beyonce and kylie minogue
    6. the beach

    this name sounds very cute for them :)