To not have sex, to be without sexing up. can be either for relgious reasons, personal, or because no one wants to have sex with you.
Person 1: I can't believe Tom has been celebate for so long!
Person 2: I heard he became a monk!
Person 1: That's not what I heard...
Person 2: You heard that his girlfriend wanted to build their 'relationship'?
Person 1: Nope..
Person 2: No one wanted to fcuk him?
Person 1: Yep!

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Relevant definitions

  • Incessantly

    Without interruption; constantly.
  • bang

    To have sex with someone, to hit up, to fuck
  • fornicate

    To procreate, have sex, engage in coitus, etc.

    very akin to fuck

    see also copulate
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