Your crew. your people. your goons. your posse. your group of friends. your conglomerates. people you just happen to be with.

you know how the president has his presidential cabinet? your crew is your cabinet. they can also be referred to as your cab.
Person 1: "What are you up to?"
Person 2: "You know, just chillin' with the cabinet... What it is, what it does, what it be like?"
Person 3: Yeah yeah, with the cab.

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  • Crew

    A bizarre cult centered around the movement of boats across water in straight lines, propelled by the mental force of anywhere from one to eight human, virgin adherents. during the winter months, its disciples rise well earlier than most sane humans for their bizzare sunrise rituals, including self-injury caused by the use of a holy relic known only as an "erg," which strangely resembles a medieval torture rack, in honour of their victory-god, "henley", and 18 mile pilgrimage runs to honour the river-god "nationals", and his mate "canadian nationals". the sacred hymns of the scottish musical duo "the proclaimers" are played during these rituals.
  • Xanga

    Xanga is a web log community, or blog, for people too stupid or lazy to learn html and make a real website. then they put pictures of them and their friends or their pet as a profile picture, then say their main interest is god and tell us about their boring christian life in a preppy-fad way.
  • Friends with benefits

    A relationship between an ex-boyfriend and an ex-girlfriend, or people who are into each other without formally dating, where sex is involved, and the woman wants to be a couple again; until the woman realizes that the man is never going to step up and make a commitment-he just wants the romping without the responsibility. men can usually separate the physical from the emotional; women usually have a harder time of it.
  • sheeple

    People who add line after line of definitons like morons.
  • Crew

    One of the most physically challenging sports around, and equally misunderstood. to participate in crew, one becomes a rower or a coxswain. a rower will propell a 60 ft 8 man boat at speeds from 10 miles per hour to 15 miles per hour, for distances ranging from 2000-6000 meters. contrary to popular belief, crew is not an upperbody sport, rowing is an intense workout for all muscles, but mainly legs. for people who partake in crew they understand just how physically and mentally challenging it is to move a boat fast, while keeping it set. and people who say it's easy obviously haven't tried it, and just assume it's easy. most rowers are unfortunately considered preps, due to the large amount of money it takes to purchase and maintain a racing shell. it is in no way shape or form an easy sport, but if you were to ask any rower about it, you will find that despite the difficult amount of work, these people wouldn't have it any other way.