A sophomore class-councillor that tries to make jokes during the morning announcements but fails at it.
Hey look, that announcer’s made over 9000 bad ones!

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Relevant definitions

  • Inaccurism


    1. an unintentionally inaccurate statement or idea; possibly common and often used.

    2. a pervasive disorder, characterized by a tendency to make inaccurate statements.
  • confuse

    Make no sense
  • fake the snake

    Adding an exact detail to make the little lie you are telling more believable or convincing.
  • OMFG

    It means "oh my fuckin' god!" it's a cybernetic and instant messaging word, it's a modification of omg (oh my god).
  • publish

    To make content available to the public by any means, either for a cost, or for free.